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M.E. Baird: Having taken some time off from his former project to write and record a new album, the northern NSW songsmith never could have imagined the rough path he would encounter. During the process he endured the deaths of his mother, father, sister and nephew, which created a deeply personal confessional style album which will be showcased tomorrow night. 

Fri, Jul 15, Django Bar

Why We Run: After two and a half years of work the Sydney four piece have just released their debut album Holograms and are excited to showcase their hard work to fans this week. For the launch, the band is collaborating with artist Aly Indermühle, who is making a customised lighting piece for their set, designed to interact with their live performance.

Fri, Jul 15, Plan B

Matt Gresham: Earlier this year Gresham performed a sold-out tour across the west coast, and will now bring his live show to intimate rooms around the country.

Sat, Jul 16, The Oxford Circus

MUM – (Masters, Undy, Mannell): Sima’s series of winter jazz concerts continues with a great double bill featuring the truly eclectic trio Mum and the dynamic guitar duo of Ben Hauptmann and Arne Hanna.

Sat, Jul 16, Seymour Centre

Leon Bridges: Following on from sold-out Sydney and Melbourne shows in January, US breakthrough artist Bridges will make his anticipated return visit with his six-piece band in tow; His mesmerising live show paired with distinctive soul-blues-gospel styling, making him an unforgettable live act.

Mon, Jul 18, Enmore Theatre

Sam Tsui & Hugo Schneider: Sam Tsui is a top-notch vocalist, and Kurt Hugo Schneider is the master of many musical instruments. Combined, Sam and Kurt are the masters of medleys and mash-ups – celebrated for their creative spins of top 40 music and united by a love of music and entertainment. This week the duo will finally perform in Sydney for the first time.

Tue, Jul 19, The Concourse

Peter, Bjorn & John: Still buzzing with the release of their new album Breakin Point  this month to critical acclaim, Sweden's Peter, Bjorn and John have surprised Australian fans with one more thing to get excited about, they're performing in Sydney this week.

Wed, Jul 20, Metro Theatre

Spring King: The UK garage rockers continue their march towards the release of their debut album by travelling down to Australia to perform for their fans. Having developed a fearsome reputation as a barnstorming live force, this show is one worth taking the time to check out.

Wed, Jul 20, Oxford Art Factory

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