WAAX - Big Grief

Waax - Big Grief.jpg

The debut album from Brisbane quintet WAAX hits with an unrelenting tidal wave of noise throughout its 12 track offering.

After years of filling up the airwaves and streaming platforms with single after single WAAX finally deliver a special debut album. With Big Grief,the band explore the various facets of grief which everybody feels at some point in modern society, whether that be anxiety, mania, melancholy, loneliness or rebellion.

Across the 12 tracks, WAAX have obviously been keenly aware of crafting a singular album package rather than just singles, which makes this record something special. In saying that though, each song is crafted so expertly that they are all able to still impact the listener in their own right.

The overall scruffy, garage, punk-rock sound is a powerful yet fun listen, which we should certainly be hearing much more of.


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