City And Colour - A Pill For Loneliness


Since his arrival on the solo scene in 2005, Dallas Green has mesmerised listeners with each and every release under the City And Colour banner. With his latest release, A Pill For Loneliness, the Alexisonfire vocalist come solo singer-songwriter continues this fine tradition.

A Pill For Loneliness follows Green’s tried and true path, but with five albums already under his belt as City And Colour this record delivers a much more poignant message. This poignancy is only possible from an artist who has lived what must feel like more than a single lifetime's worth of experiences within the music industry.

Across his 11 track offering Green takes a deep, honest and sometimes difficult path of introspection to formulate his songs. This record is all about living life on the road whilst reflecting on the love lost and confusing that surrounds this unique lifestyle.

Standout tracks on the record include Astronaut, Difficult Love, Me And The Moonlight, Song Of Unrest, and Strangers. That’s not to say that the other tracks on this record are duds. The dichotomy between the sadness of the lyricism and the beauty of the melodies is something to behold.

A Pill For Loneliness is a record filled with incredible melodies, musicianship and lyricism. This will be a record which goes into many music lovers rotations for many years to come.

★★★★ ½

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