Bring Me The Horizon - amo

Bring Me The Horizon – Amo.jpg

Bring Me The Horizon are an English rock band which has steadily evolved from a traditional deathcore/metalcore outfit into a more mainstream-friendly rock outfit. Their latest record amo continues this progression as it introduces new elements into the music which push them further into the pop-friendly realm.

Heavy rock melodies blended with an assortment of new electronic elements gives amo a very unique sound, one which traditionalists may find jarring but for newer fans one which will certainly make Bring Me The Horizon standout from the crowd.

Tracks MANTRA and nihilist blues display this new style prominently. MANTRA introduces electronic, robotic vocal elements whereas nihilist blues uses EDM inspired bass progressions to inject that electronic aesthetic.

Whilst this record sonically has progressed into a more mainstream world the band still tackles typical metal and hardcore themes. One lyric from wonderful life, in particular, emphasises this.

“I’m on the edge of a knife… nobody cares if I’m dead or alive, oh what a wonderful life.”

amo is certainly going to be a divisive record so it’s worth checking out a few songs for yourself before jumping to conclusions. I’d suggest starting with the aforementioned nihilist blues to get a glimpse of the new electronic direction, before then checking out wonderful life to see their harder tracks, and then finally medicine which bridges the gap between the two styles. 


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