The Amity Affliction - Misery

Amity Affliction - Misery.JPG

Even if you’re not a devout listener of hardcore rock you will have undoubtably heard of The Amity Affliction, you may have even rocked out to one of their more notable past releases. Bearing this in mind the latest record from the group, Misery, carries with it a daunting weight of expectations.

Immediately the records kicks off with a brand new sonic direction which includes a new emphasis on synth sounds and a softer pop edge to the groups uniquely hardcore roots. 

This new pop-core sound still carries with it a hefty helping of angst within the lyrics but sonically it’s hard to get past this new direction.

The new direction is such a dramatic shift for The Amity Affliction that it will likely create a vast rift within the community. Ardent supporters of the band from their hardcore roots will be repelled by the new pop-core sound but conversely this record may act as a gateway into the hardcore world for new fans.

Overall this is a very difficult record to score. 

As an avid hardcore listener I am disappointed but perhaps your reaction will be the exact opposite.


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