RL Grime - NOVA

RL Grime - Nova.jpg

Returning with his second album, NOVA, is Los Angeles producer RL Grime. With this new record RL Grime takes his sound into a new cinematic direction and also welcomes aboard a plethora of artists as guest features.

NOVA is very much a front loaded record as the front half of the record features six guest artists on the opening seven tracks. These tracks are the highlight of the record as they combine RL Grimes’ phenomenal production techniques with striking vocal performances.

Style wise NOVA covers a wide breadth of genres with elements from hip-hop, drum and bass, trap and finally mainstream festival style EDM. Hearing elements of drum and bass injected into RL Grimes style is a great new addition, conversely the EDM elements somewhat clash with his underground ethos which fans have grown to love.

Overall there are more hits than there are misses on NOVA and you’ll certainly enjoy your time spent with the record.

★★★ ½

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