Milwaukee Banks - No Time

Milwaukee Banks - No Time.jpg

When you press play on any artists second album what you’re really hoping to hear is a level of development to the sound which initially compelled you to enjoy the first record. Thankfully for Australian electronic hip-hop duo Milwaukee Banks they have more than satisfied that desire with their new record No Time.

No Time sees Milwaukee Banks lean into the electronic production elements as they further develop a signature sound. Production wise the record uses elements which evoke moods similar to Illy, Vera Blue and even Alison Wonderland on some of the harder tracks.

Vocally Dyl Thomas has crafted a wide ranging pallet of clever verses which are simultaneously catchy and deep. You may need to listen through this record a couple of times to fully appreciate all of the messages woven into its fabric.

Throughout No Time the pair have collaborated with an array of new artists such as Rromarin, Sophieography, Ryland Rose and HWLS. This process has allowed the duo to discover a new assortment of sonic soundscapes which pushes them forward and will be exciting to see explored further with record three.


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