The Rubens - LO LA RU

The Rubens - LO LA RU.jpg

LO LA RU presents a fully realised sound that picks up on the RnB and hip-hop influence but also infuses more pop, jazz and blues elements along the way as well. The added pop elements inevitably forces the record away from the underground, honest and authentic sound of Hoops.

Despite this slight diversion away from the what made Hoops such a resounding success LO LA RU still sees the group keep the heart and soulfulness in both their sound and lyrical content.

With this new catchy pop sound injected throughout LA LA RU has a number of tracks which have limitless mainstream potential. To point out just a few doesn’t do the record justice but for arguments sake keep an eye out for opener Million Man, as well as Never Ever (featuring Sarah), God Forgot and finally Teeth.


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