Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic

Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic.jpg

Following the tragic suicide of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington there was an incredible uncertainty and darkness hanging over the future of the band and its remaining members. Mike Shinoda’s new record Post Traumatic pierces through this fog and gives fans an insight into Shinoda’s emotional experiences.

Throughout the record Shinoda navigates dealing with the suffocating grief of losing someone so close.

Post Traumatic is a synth driven, haunting and poignant record which blends hip-hop and rock styles. This musical style works cohesively with the emotional gravitas that Shinoda is attempting to convey.

For fans of Linkin Park this record will be an emotionally draining listen but it may also serve as a point of solidarity that signifies not all hope is lost, which was perhaps Shinoda’s ultimate goal and message.


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