Quiet Slang - Everything Matters But No One Is Listening

Quiet Slang - Everything Matters But No One Is Listening.jpg

Under the Quiet Slang moniker James Alex has created a sound which diverges drastically from his previous work with Beach Slang. 

The new record, Everything Matters But No One Is Listening, is a beautifully melodic, emotive and tender record. Throughout the record James delivers 10 minimalistic arrangements featuring cello, piano and James’ raw, emotive voice. By taking this approach the listeners is deeply absorbed in the stories and messages James is weaving together.

This record is incredibly cohesive throughout, so much so that occasionally it can be tough to distinguish where one song ends and the next begins.

Much of the focus of this record is on the lyrical and emotional weight conveyed throughout can make the record a tough listen in that regards, as you’re guaranteed to feel something. However musically this is an intensely impactful outing which we can only hope to hear more of.


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