2064: Read Only Memories INTEGRAL


2064: Read Only Memories INTEGRAL is a point and click adventure style game which infuses its 80s style pixel art with a futuristic story.

Throughout the game, you play as a journalist in Neo-San Francisco investigating the disappearance of robotics engineer Hayden, who has somehow become entangled with evil corporations looking to exploit his robotics expertise. During your investigation, you’ll dive deeper into issues of gender, race and discrimination under the auspices of cybernetics, genetic manipulation and corporate greed.

The gameplay is incredibly simplistic in its transition to the switch console, often you’ll find yourself repeatedly pressing the same button just to advance the dialogue before needing to select a specific item to advance the plot.

Although the gameplay is lacking the voice acting, story and art style are intriguing and beautiful. Each character is portrayed excellently and with genuine emotional gravitas.

Unfortunately, though the good of the story and performances didn’t outweigh the bland gameplay as I often found myself wanting to play other games which were more complex and demanding of my focus.


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