Battlefield: Hardline Beta & Destiny Alpha Initial Thoughts

Last week I was lucky enough to receive codes to be a part of both the Battlefield: Hardline Beta & Destiny Alpha sessions on Playstation 4, whilst playing them over the last few days I had some initial thoughts on both games as follows.

Battlefield: Hardline

Before playing this I was excited to see how the developers had altered the usual Battlefield gameplay to emphasise the more urban setting and cops vs robbers atmosphere. Sadly they haven’t really accomplished this in the Beta as it just feels more like urban warfare with cop cars and motorbikes instead of tanks & troop transports.

The heist mentality that they were going for sadly is missing as the multiplayer is much more reminiscent of a game of capture the flag.

In saying this I am still excited for this game as the episodic nature of the single player campaign that the developers have been touting intrigues me and if they can pull this off could revolutionise story telling in triple A games moving forward.


Unfortunately with my work schedule and the Alpha for Destiny only being live over the weekend I wasn’t able to play as much of this as I would have liked but from what I did play I was impressed, particularly with the visual style and quality of the graphics, and actually increased my anticipation levels for this game. Heading into this I wasn’t really feeling any level of excitement for the game but after experiencing it Ii can see that by combining elements of sci-fi from Halo with an intriguing story in an online MMO environment gamers could be in for an interesting experience.

Thanks for reading my very brief thoughts on these two early access experiences and feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments below or by following me on Twitter @Appsy_JAM or by liking my page on Facebook at J.A.M