Good Boys

Good Boys 3.jpg

The coming of age comedy genre shifts its focus ever-younger with the latest film from a team of producers led by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg. The team’s latest outing Good Boys obviously closely echoes elements of the comedy classic Superbad, but this time a much younger trio is placed at the core of the story.

Good Boys follows three naive 12-year-olds; Max (Jacob Tremblay), Thor (Brady Noon), and Lucas (Keith L. Williams) as they make the natural, yet difficult, transition from children to teenagers. As the affectionately self-named “Bean Bag Boys” work their way through this period of their lives they grapple with popularity, the opposite sex, and perhaps the scariest thing for them… kissing girls.

Throughout the film, the boys are placed into increasingly more absurd situations. Beginning with a crashed drone as the boys attempt to spy on their female teenage neighbours and ending with a crazy frat house shootout.

Whilst Good Boys is funny and doesn’t overstay its welcome, clocking in at just 90 minutes, it does become overly reliant on its central joke.


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