Andy Irons: Kissed By God

Photo: Teton Gravity Research

Photo: Teton Gravity Research

During the opening moments of this documentary world champion surfer describes the feeling of catching his first wave as “like being kissed by god” and a feeling “you’re always chasing.” Sadly these two short comments are a dark premonition into Irons’ ultimate descent into darkness due to bipolar disorder and drug addiction.

Andy Irons: Kissed By God is a documentary which allows the viewer to ride the wave of emotions Irons experienced throughout his journey in the world of professional surfing.

The story of a young Hawaiian boy who rose from nothing to become a three time world champion, whilst simultaneously battling bipolar disorder is told through archival footage, interviews with younger brother Bruce, wife Lyndie, close friends and fierce rivals.

The film does not require any prior knowledge of the professional surfing circuit as it focuses largely on Andy’s personal story as he was swept into this world.

This is an incredible documentary which will certainly leave audiences swimming in tears, do not miss this one!

★★★★ ½