Justice League


The latest addition to the DCEU picks up shortly after the events which transpired in Batman V Superman. The film sees a sullen Batman attempting to cope with his own internal guilt following those events but also trying to assembly a team to defend earth from an incoming threat.

Bringing the team together takes some time but this works in the films favour as it allows us to essentially be introduced to three new main characters in Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg. Of these three Ezra Miller as The Flash steals every scene he is in by adding a levity that the DCEU was sorely missing.

Although adding more cheekiness and comedic moments Justice League continues to have a foreboding doom, which set the DCEU apart from Marvel. This is in spite of the the main villain, Steppenwolf, being your run of the mill bland world destroyer.

Overall as a superhero team up movie and a fresh jumping off point for the DCEU Justice League is a very nice addition to the franchise.


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