Blade Runner 2049


Creating a sequel to one of the most highly regarded sci-fi films of all time is an incredibly daunting task but thankfully Denis Villeneuve has created a film that respects the cultural impact of Blade Runner.

Blade Runner 2049 takes place 30 years after it’s predecessor. Thankfully rather than simply replicating the themes and style of the original it instead draws from the lore in order to expand on the mythos of the Blade Runner universe.

Whilst sci-fi films are always set in a distant future the themes they tackle are often much more pertinent to modern day. Blade Runner 2049 is no different as the central theme here is the impending doom humanity faces as we approach a technological singularity.

Villeneuve alongside cinematographer Roger Deakins has created a remarkable visual masterpiece which draws the viewer along for the lengthy 163 minute cerebral journey.


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