Photo: Max Doyle

Photo: Max Doyle

It may only seem like yesterday, but it was in fact 15 years ago that Australia was first introduced to pop superstar Ricki-Lee via Australian Idol. To celebrate the milestone Ricki-Lee will be taking a lap around the country with her unique two-hour concert, which sees her fusing her own personal story with the music of smash-hit film A Star Is Born.

When Ricki-Lee first conceived the idea for this concert it was originally going to simply be a one-off special event. However, after tickets went on-sale, it quickly became apparent that there was a desperate desire from fans around the country to experience this show.

“I got bombarded on social media with people asking for shows around Australia,” recalled Ricki-Lee, “People were so excited, which I guess was because I haven’t toured in about five years.”

During the planning of her anniversary concert Ricki-Lee had initially only planned to celebrate the various songs and achievements from her 15 year career. Once she saw A Star Is Born for the first time though she immediately felt a deep connection and knew it had to be incorporated into the show.

“As I watched the movie I started to watch it through the lens of me as a kid who dreamed of one day becoming a star. The way that that movie took the story of Lady Gaga’s character getting into the industry by one person seeing, hearing and believing in her struck me because that’s what happened with me. All it took was for one person to hear me sing and them then giving me an opportunity which changed my whole life.”

The concert will now see Ricki-Lee performing the show in two halves. The first half of the show will be dedicated to songs from the film. Whilst the second half of the show will be all of Ricki-Lee’s biggest hits, all of the fan favourites, and even a selection of songs harkening back to her time on Australian Idol.

With such parallel stories between the film and her own life, Ricki-Lee told J.A.M that performing some of these songs is going to be very difficult.

“I think it’s going to be hard for me to sing I’ll Never Love Again without crying because it’s such an emotional song. Every time I watch the movie I bawl my eyes out at the end of that song. So to actually stand on stage and deliver the song, I don’t think I’m going to be able to get through without crying. But, that’s probably all going to add to the drama of the shows though.”

Oct 12. State Theatre, 49 Market St, Sydney. $65-$75+b.f. Tickets & Info: www.statetheatre.com.au

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