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The journey to Thandi Phoenix’s debut headline tour has been a quick one, but it has also been littered with incredible achievements and milestones. For instance, in her short career, Phoenix has evolved her style by bringing in elements from vastly different influences, performed alongside some of her idols and even overcoming a career-threatening fear.

Ahead of her hometown performance Phoenix sat down with J.A.M to walk us through the key moments of her life and career.

Like many young girls growing up in the 90s Phoenix’s first musical love was the Spice Girls. A love which quickly grew to include other pop artists such as Destiny’s Child. These powerful female girl groups then led Phoenix to discover women like Macy Gray, Alicia Keys and Amy Winehouse. Once Phoenix finished school through her vision of the musical world would become much broader.

“When I left high school I started hearing electronic music and listening to people like Disclosure and Gorgon City,” Phoenix explained when discussing her recent influences. “My music has always been a reflection of the music I’m vibing with and enjoying at a particular time, so the UK scene has definitely been a big influence recently.”

Although Phoenix had a passion and love for music from a very young age she had to overcome one major hurdle. Whilst attending a performing arts high school Phoenix discovered that she suffered from “really bad stage fright.” In order to overcome this hurdle, Phoenix told us that she simply had to “work through it and face the fear head-on.”

Her determination to overcome this fear was spurred on after completing her schooling when Phoenix began attending more live performance around the city.

“When I started going to gigs and seeing the local scene around Sydney I would look at the people on stage and think ‘damn, I want to be on that side.’ So from then on I simply said ‘screw it, there is nothing that I want to do as much as music.’”

Since overcoming her fear Phoenix has quickly gone on to become a standout in the Australian scene and has even had opportunities to work with artists she once idolised.

“Performing on big shows with the likes of Sigma, Tinie Tempa and Rudimental were all great learning opportunities. Obviously, I’m not at that level just yet but to be able to play those support slots and be able to own it and feel comfortable was such a good feeling.”

For the upcoming show in Sydney Phoenix is hopeful that perhaps there could be someone in the audience who looks to her as their inspiration to “chase their dreams.”

Jun 21. The Lansdowne, 2-6 City Rd, Chippendale. $17.83+b.f Tickets & Info:

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