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For the first time in almost three decades, Jack Jones will once again take to the stage in Sydney to perform the hits of the Southern Sons. As a teenager, these songs saw Jones skyrocket to international music superstardom, a period which he reflected on with J.A.M during a recent conversation.

Growing up in Victoria Jones told us he only ever had one dream, “be the guitar player in some big band.” Whilst Jones worked incredibly hard honing his craft even he was surprised when that dream was fulfilled so early into his career. “When the Sons happened it really took me by surprise, I had never really expected it to become what it did but I’m incredibly thankful to still be playing those songs 30 years later.”

Finding such monumental success so early though did come with some downsides. Namely not realising just how special each moment was.

“It was all quite blurry and a stressful experience for me at the time because there was a lot of pressure. So I wasn’t really able to enjoy it as much as I possibly could,” reflected Jones, before adding, “It was also a time which was full of magic and wonder.”

Now moving forward Jones says he is mindful of ensuring he lives life in the moment in order to enjoy every experience as it happens, whether that be an incredible live performance like the upcoming shows at the Opera House or “waking up at six in the morning for a live TV appearance.” This is a point of advice which Jones always gives to younger musicians now.

“My advice would be to simply enjoy it and don’t forget why you do it.”

Looking ahead to this weekend’s performances at the Opera House J.A.M asked why now was the right time to go back to the songs of the Southern Sons?

“Honestly it’s something that I avoided, for a bunch of reasons,” Jones answered before explaining further, “I never wanted to go out and perform these songs with a band that wasn’t the Southern Sons because to me it never felt right.”

Ultimately though after repeated requests Jones decided to re-listen to the tracks and quickly realised they held a special place in not only the heart of fans but also in his own.

“I started listening to these songs again and became a bit nostalgic so I thought maybe I should stop being so precious because this could be really fun.”

For these upcoming shows Jones assures fans he is not trying to “reinvent” the music but rather he is looking to “authentically reproduce it” and give the fans a true celebration of the Southern Sons.

May 3-4. Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney. $75-$95+b.f. Tickets & Info: www.sydneyoperahouse.com

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