During an era highlighted by social movements such as #MeToo, Gender Equality, #GiveDivasAChance and the Women’s Revolution the professional wrestling industry has taken a dramatic turn for female competitors. Prior to this shift the women would often be relegated to the role of valet or placed into overtly sexualised matches, such as mud wrestling or bra & panties matches. Now though a majority of the competitors are seen as legitimate athletes on an equal level to their male counterparts. One woman on the Australian wrestling scene though is bucking this trend as she attempts to fuse elements from the two eras into her persona and performance. That woman is Melbourne’s Avary.

For the uninitiated, Avary is best known for her work in Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW), where she works as a singles competitor and also as part of The Brat Pack faction. When fans first encounter Avary perhaps the most striking element of her presentation are her trademark high-cut shorts (as seen in the pictures accompanying this article). These shorts and her sexualised performance have often seen her criticised.

When speaking with Avary though it became clear that the majority of the controversy surrounding her sexualised presentation of wrestling comes more so from the people watching rather than from herself or fellow performers.

“I’ve always been of the mindset that I can be empowered with my clothes off. I’ve actually never felt more empowered than when I’m in the ring,” Avary explained before adding, “Everything I do in the ring is by my own accord. So I think some people need to get over the fact that we are a woman with our bodies out. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can treat us anyway you like, instead you should simply appreciate it.”

Whilst Avary first grabbed attention due to her visual presentation, her reputation has evolved over time. In more recent times Avary has also become known for her hard-hitting style. During her years in the ring, Avary has developed somewhat of a penchant for more physically gruelling or even hardcore matches, which involve various weapons such as chairs, screwdrivers and even a cactus in one particular match.

“Once I started getting into the ring with women like Bea Priestly and Toni Storm I realised I really enjoyed that ‘strong style’ of wrestling,” recalled Avary, “From there it was a slow progression towards the hardcore stuff. Now the second spiky things come out it gets me so excited because there is no bigger adrenaline rush than a hardcore match.”

Avary’s unique blend of sexuality with aggression has seen her standout on the Australian scene and has now led to her receiving opportunities travel to the UK to wrestle. However, before she embarks on that adventure Avary will achieve another career milestone by competing in a match against Session Moth Martina for MCW, which she described as “a match made in heaven.”

Find Avary on Instagram at @avary_pw

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