Hollie Col

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Throughout her childhood Hollie Col first discovered her love for music through musical theatre rather than the more traditional singer-songwriter route, however that may have given her an advantage when she finally did make that transition. J.A.M spoke with Col about her journey through music ahead of her first ever solo headline tour, which will see her playing throughout New South Wales in March before ending the tour in Wollongong.

When Col reflects on her childhood she says, “I don’t remember a lot of music playing in my house growing up, but my Dad loved John Denver.” So early on her biggest musical influences came mainly from the musical theatre she was doing.

“Growing up I did a lot of musical theatre shows then when I was around 12 or 13 my parents brought me a guitar and that’s when I started finding my own sound in music and writing my own stuff. It was around then that I started really wanting to do it as a career.”

In the last 12 months Col has certainly taken steps down a path which will ensure music becomes a fruitful career for herself. The biggest of these steps being the release of her debut EP, Hazel, which has already received an incredibly positive response from fans and critics alike.

The response to the record and the rapid pace with which her career has progressed since the EP’s release is something Col never expected, or even fully grasped yet.

“It was only a couple of days back that I was looking at old posts and photos from a year ago and the amount that has changed in 12 months is crazy, I hadn’t really been able to sit back and think about it until then. It kind of blows my mind.”

One fan’s devotion to Col’s music was particularly shocking for the singer. This particular fan was so touched by the EP that they had a tattoo design inspired by the album inked onto their body.

“I remember when I got the message about the tattoo I literally threw my phone across the room because I was so not expecting that, it was so awesome but I still can’t wrap my head around people loving the songs that much.”

As Col now begins the process of pushing her career even further with more live performances, notably her first headlining tour this March, she is realising that her theatrical background gives her live show a unique flair.

“With my experience growing up on stage I guess I naturally would carry that into my shows. However with it being a different type of music I can’t prance around on stage like I would in a theatre show when I was younger, but it definitely would carry over in some way for sure.”

For Wollongong fans Col says she is incredibly excited to play there for the first time ever and describes the show as, “a really cool set of songs that people will already know and then some stuff that they’re going to get to hear a sneak peek of before its official release later this year.”

Mar 30. Rad Bar, 95a Crown St, Wollongong. $10+b.f. Tickets & Info: www.facebook.com/holliecol

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