Eves Karydas

Photo: Jared Seng

Photo: Jared Seng

Much like many others of her generation Eves Karydas moved to London for a change of scenery and to “find herself.” Little did she know that in doing so she would go on to discover a new style of writing for her music, and subsequently create her breakout album summerskin.

J.A.M spoke with Karydas before she embarked on her national tour of summerskin to hear the story behind the record and her feelings about the incredibly positive response the record has garnered.

When asked how she felt about the positive response Karydas said, “I spent a really long time working on this album in London, it was just mine for such a long time so to see people connecting with these songs so much it’s really amazing and more than I could have asked for.”

For Karydas moving to London was never about music, it just so happened to be a lucky coincidence that this record came out of that experience.

“I moved to London thinking I would go over there and find myself, which sounds corny but is always something I dreamt about doing. I moved over there and put all of my eggs in one basket and just so happened to fall into a really good space.”

Whilst living in London Karydas not only wrote summerskin but says she also grew as a person and artist.

"I moved to London wanting to find something about myself that was missing and what I learned is that I’m actually a really positive person who wants to spread messages of positivity,” she explained. “I also learned how that positivity is then reflected in my music because up until moving to London I was writing music which I thought was more intellectually lent or challenging but then suddenly I found myself in this situation where all I wanted to write about was this positive experience that I was going through.”

Listening to summerskin it’s clear that this record acted as a pseudo-journal documenting Karydas’ experiences and emotions whilst living abroad. For this reason, she says this record simply “couldn’t have been written anywhere else in the world.”

Now that she is back home in Australia Karydas is finding it “surreal” to be playing these songs whilst being “semi-detached” from the lifestyle they portray but is also looking forward to that challenge.

“This will be the first time I’ve toured with an album out, so being able to play these songs to people who know all of my songs and are there just for that is so exciting.”

Feb 21. Oxford Art Factory, 38-46 Oxford St, Darlinghurst. $23.26+b.f. Tickets & Info: www.oxfordartfactory.com

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