Tommy Little

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Pursing a creative career can be a never ending struggle filled with constant anxiety and fear, but for those with a true burning inner passion it is something they simply must to do. For Tommy Little stand-up comedy is exactly that for him.

“I’m living in constant fear, but stand-up is heaven so I’d make it work no matter what!”

The fear and anxiety comes from the uncertainty and instability which surrounds creative fields, or as Little described, “why have a stable job with a steady income when you could have one where you work all night, get driven to alcoholism and sometimes not make any money.”

With this uncertainty and volatility in mind many artists will often set themselves a deadline by which they want to turn their passion into a profitable career. This is something which Little did, but failed to stick to.

“I gave myself a rule that if I wasn’t making enough to pay rent after five years that I would stop, but then I wasn’t and just moved that out to seven years.”

During the seven years where Little was establishing himself on the comedy circuit he certainly paid his dues, often playing to an audience which averaged just two people per night.

Luckily for Little deciding to gamble on himself by extending his timeline paid dividends as he now regularly tours the country with sold out shows and also co-hosts the television show The Project.

Little’s fear of these successes all disappearing though still remains, “I’m at the point where I’m paying my rent now so I’m happy, but that could all change tomorrow.”

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