The Offspring

Photo: Sam Jones

Photo: Sam Jones

As a youngster The Offspring’s album Americana was one of the first cassettes I owned and was thus my gateway into the world of punk rock. Over the years I would then go on to to dive into The Offspring’s back catalogue, where Smash quickly became a standout, and would also discover a range of bands which I still love to this day, all thanks to The Offspring. So obviously when the opportunity to speak with Noodles (aka Kevin John Wasserman) for J.A.M Zine during the band’s December tour of Australia came up I was quick to jump at it.

Speaking with Noodles it quickly became apparent that the band is still incredibly humble and thankful for the opportunities and success which Smash provided to them.

According to Noodles the group had little to no expectations for Smash.

“Even looking back it’s still shocking, we were hoping to compete with our friends in Pennywise, Rancid and NOFX but we had no idea that record was going to take off.”

And take off it certainly did. To this day Smash is still the best selling independent record of all time.

“We never even expected a career or anything so it’s still mind-blowing that the record has done what it has done,” explained Noodles.

After over two decades the group is still unable to pinpoint exactly what made that record so significant, but Noodles does have some theories.

“I guess it all comes down to the songs,” he said before explaining further, “We didn’t really know what we were doing in the studio, we were still very much learning. We had been playing as a band for 10 years, but at the same time we were still novices, so there was a truth and an honesty in how rudimentary and raw our skills were on the record which we couldn’t polish out.”

Excitingly for fans Noodles revealed to J.A.M Zine that they have been in the studio recently working on new material, but cannot say exactly when that will be available.

“We’ve got a record’s worth of music ready to go but we’re working to add songs and take others out to make the record as strong a possible,” said Noodles.

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