Bullet For My Valentine

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During their two decades together British rockers Bullet For My Valentine have amassed a lengthy resume of accomplishments, albums and sellout shows around the globe. During their recent tour of Australia for the Good Things Festival J.A.M Zine was able to chat with bass guitarist Jamie Mathias about some of the bands most notable achievements.

Of all of the accolades Bullet For My Valentine have received perhaps their most significant one is being named ‘Best British Band’ for three consecutive years.

“We always liked to think we were the best band from Britain but to actually be named that was definitely an honour and something we were very thankful to receive,” said Mathias.

Despite having this title bestowed upon them the group were always able to keep that out of their minds whenever they stepped into the studio or up on stage explained Mathias.

“When we make music or perform we just do what we do. Obviously we always try to step our game up every time we play. Even if we hadn’t been considered one of the best British bands we still would do that because that’s just the nature of the band, we want to be one of the best bands out there regardless of location.”

As part of this mantra of topping previous outings Bullet For My Valentine have been known to constantly reinvent their sound and style on every new record, something which was never more evident than on their latest record Gravity.

With Gravity being the group’s sixth album their main desire was to use it as a means of “shaking up the live performance” in order to inject a fresh “flavour and energy” into the show.

“We wanted to keep some elements of the old school Bullet but also add some new flavours into it,” explained Mathias before adding, “Bands always need to try new stuff otherwise you’ll be stuck in one spot forever and may never get to the next level.”

By taking this route of constant reinvention Bullet For My Valentine are aware that it can make building a following more difficult, but always strive to find a balance.

“Obviously there are going to be diehard fans who love the old school Bullet and don’t particularly like the newer style. But then you’ve got newer fans who we’ve picked up along the way who like the new stuff and don’t particularly like the older stuff.”

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