Technological innovations have always been intrinsically tied to the music industry. First we were given portability through the Walkman, then came the iPod which gave us the ability to store our entire music collection on a portable device, next we were introduced to streaming which eliminated the need to carry around a dedicated music device and simultaneously opened us up to the entire world of music. Perhaps the biggest and most recent technological innovation though is the Shazam music app which allows anybody, be it a musician or regular fan, to instantly identify any music they hear.

For Brisbane band Sheppard this technology has been instrumental in their growth. Shazam has had such a profound impact on Sheppard because many of their songs have been used in commercials and television show soundtracks, thus exposing them to millions of people who may otherwise not have ever found them.

“I know personally I’ve watched a couple of tv shows and quickly pulled out Shazam when there is a song that I like and discovered quite a few artists that way. So we’re always really thrilled to hear that we’ve been featured in a TV show or commercial,” said George Sheppard.

This new age of musical discovery has seen Sheppard grow in popularity both here in Australia and globally at an astronomic rate.

“It’s been a pretty wild ride,” said George, “The fact that we’ve been able to turn our hobby into something that a lot of people enjoy and we get the opportunity to travel the world, meet a bunch of cool people and play a heaps of festivals is a dream come true.”

The bands latest record Watching The Sky has been the culmination of years of “really hard work, blood, sweat and tears” so for the band to see the success they’ve had is “an amazing feeling and very relieving” explained George. This record has also allowed the group to experience moments that they will never forget.

“One of the coolest moments was when I got to zip-line into the stage at Rock And Rioin-front of 100,000 people while the band played Rage Against The Machine’s Bulls On Parade, I don’t know how I’m going to top that.”

Whilst the journey has been filled with incredible moments George is quick to mention that it is still a “gruelling” job, particularly because of the extensive travel.

The bands latest tour certainly hasn’t helped ease that travel burden through as Shepard have set out on a tour which specifically focuses on reaching regional areas and fans alongside the major cities.

"We just wanted to say thank you to as many of our fans as possible.”

Sep 9. The Metro, 624 George St, Sydney. $34.80+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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