Fozzy - Chris Jericho


When professional wrestler Chris Jericho first announced he was going a rock band it was initially met with mixed emotions within both the wrestling and music communities. In the 18 years since their formation the band has cemented themselves as one of the hardest working bands within the rock and roll genre.

Although the initial curiosity surrounding Fozzy was focused on Chris Jericho he wasn’t concerned.

“Every band has some sort of gimmick, whether it’s Kiss with the face-paint or Slipknot wearing masks,” explained Jericho, “Fozzy’s was that we had a pro-wrestler as a singer and people wanted to see if I was legit.”

That initial wave of curiosity brought with a slew of benefits and negatives.

“In the short term it certainly hindered the band because there were a lot of people who who didn’t want to give us the time of day simply because I was the singer.”

Not one to ever take no for an answer, as evident from his days in the wrestling world where Jericho was often looked at as ‘too small’ to be successful, Fozzy simply worked harder.

“We’ve had to work twice as hard to get people’s respect but that’s also the reason the band is a big and popular as we are, because once you get people’s respect you’ve got it for life. So it’s worked to our advantage in the long run.”

Another element which has played into the success of Fozzy is the genuine fun and enjoyment the band members all have performing together. Jericho in particular is a well known fan of classic rock and roll groups, so performing as the frontman of his very own band is almost a boyhood dream come to life.

“Our biggest focus is to always make sure people have a great time and leave with a smile on their face because that’s what we do. We play rock and roll with a smile and  don’t have a problem with having a little bit of fun on stage because rock and roll should be fun.”

In November Fozzy will return to Australia for the first time since 2013, which Jericho described as a “travesty.” 

For this upcoming run of shows Jericho said fans can expect a rock and roll show with that old school feel.

“It’s just a good time with a great rock and roll by a band who leaves it all on stage every single night. We make sure people have a great time, jump up and down, shout, party, drink beer and show your boobs if your a girl or guy. So it’s going to be one of the best shows that you see this year, I guarantee that.”

Nov 10. Manning Bar, Manning House, Manning Rd, Camperdown. $64.60-$76+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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