After forming in 2006 Mammal rapidly rose through the ranks of the Australian music scene before “imploding” and taking a six year hiatus. 

When J.A.M spoke with frontman Ezekiel Ox we discussed the circumstances surrounding the band’s implosion.

“We weren’t getting along in any way, shape or form,” reflected Ox, “When you’re in a band it’s not like a normal job where you can clock in and clock out, instead you live with it constantly and because there was complete disfunction we couldn’t agree on anything. So we weren’t getting anywhere.”

Perhaps the biggest contributing factor to the bands initial demise was simply age, as every member of the band was in their early 20s during this period, and as Ox put it;

“Is there anyone more capable of being a dickhead than a boy in his 20s?”

Having now taken some time away from Mammal all of the band members have matured and saw the chaotic global political landscape as the perfect opportunity for the band to return.

“We’re at a very volatile point in history,” said Ox before adding, “We find that there was always plenty to talk about in regards to politics but it has certainly gotten worse since Mammal broke up.”

Alongside the tumultuous political landscape the band are also now flush with inspiration simply thanks to their increased maturity and experience levels.

With this added self confidence and experience the band have been able to forego outside producers for their latest wave of songwriting and recording. Ox believes this has given them “more ownership” over the material without losing any of the dynamism of their sound.

Mammal are currently in the midst of a frantic touring schedule which has seen them traversing the country, big town to small. Ox is confident though that they have the legs to last.

“We’re like a comic book hero, we seek out injustice around the world and rock out in the face of it.”

For fans in their next target city, Sydney, Ox said they should be on the lookout for a “more assured and confident show” because the band now “think’s things through before acting.”

Sep 7. Manning Bar, Manning House, Manning Rd, Camperdown. $29.30-$34.60+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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