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Xavier Rudd’s name has been synonymous with Australian music for decades however he has been missing, in the solo scene, for the past six years. So when J.A.M had the opportunity to speak with him ahead of his return tour we obviously asked him about the reasoning behind the hiatus and his emotions leading into the tour.

Rudd explained that the hiatus was not spurred by a slow down in creative output but rather a decision to pursue a collaborative project.

“I did an album with United Nations, which is a nine piece reggae band, in the time since my last solo record. So all of my time has been taken up by that and the subsequent world tour.”

As he now returns to solo touring Rudd said he is “definitely stoked and really thankful” to have fans who are still clamouring for his music. This tour especially is a “blessing” Rudd explained because "I haven’t really done much here for a while, I’m always off overseas.”

The upcoming tour is a celebration of Rudd’s new record Storm Boy. Taking some time away was inadvertently beneficial for this particular record because it allowed Rudd to fully develop songs he had been working on for up to 10 years.

“There are a few really special songs on this record that I had the idea there for a quiet a while, I had just never developed them beyond that because it simply didn’t feel like the right time,” said Rudd. “I don’t ever force songs. If I’ve got a musical idea often I’ll just wait for the right emotional message or lyrics to support it, so the songs kind of just shape themselves when they’re ready.”

One song in particular that Rudd pointed to as a great example of this process was True Love. This song will be a central point of the upcoming tour but this tour won’t just be new material.

“This show has a bit of everything, there is a bit of old and a bit of new,” described Rudd. “I’ve also got a brand new band which is really exciting and I feel like this is probably the best live show I’ve ever had.”

Aug 4. Enmore Theatre, 118-132 Enmore Rd, Newtown. $67.40+b.f. Tickets & Info: www.enmoretheatre.com.au

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