Rugby League The Musical

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Looking purely at the title of this show you might question how these two antithetical worlds could ever come together as a cohesive performance. For creator and star Denis Carnahan though these worlds are not all that different.

“I watch a lot of rugby league, when I’m watching anyone other than my team I flim-flam between supporting each team. As the game goes on you see that there are heroes and villains, which can be completely different depending on which stand and group of supporters your in.”

With this concept of heroes and villains in mind Carnahan has created a satirical pantomime which features a cast of caricature ‘hosts’ to guide the audience through all of the big stories, controversies, conspiracies and heroes or villains from the world of rugby league.

Obviously with the show being centred around the opposing worlds of rugby league and musical theatre the toughest part for Carnahan is simply getting audiences through the door. When he does manage to do so though he says they’re often surprised.

“Quiet often a footy fan will bring his girlfriend or partner and they surprisingly enjoy the show more than the footy fan.”

For Carnahan himself the greatest joy of this show is watching the two different sides of the audience reacting to the various moments throughout the show.

“There are a couple of gags in there we’re half of the audience are cacking themselves while the other half look at them with total confusion, then 30 seconds later it swaps.”

Aug 13, 20 & 27. The Bridge Hotel, 119 Victoria Rd, Rozelle. $20+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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