The Haunting

Photo: Mauricio Romero

Photo: Mauricio Romero

It’s hard to describe New York band The Haunting’s sound and style, but that is just how they want it. 

Since coming together officials in their current form in 2015 the group has taken a unique approach to their music by combining elements hip-hop and electronic production techniques with traditional hardcore and pop-punk elements. The decision to take this path with their music was inspired by a desire not to be pigeonholed.

“We basically said fuck it why don’t we throw in a hip-hop section or a piece of electronic music and found that we were having a lot more fun writing music that way,” explained guitarist Craig Belesi Jr. “The beauty of this is that we don’t know what we’re going to create next which has really liberated us all as musicians.”

Whilst the band was enjoying the creative process they were employing it was far from a guaranteed success given they were blending some very antithetical musical styles. The response though has been resoundingly positive which all of the members of the band said overwhelmingly was “very much” a surprise.

“It’s been wild! Honestly this project was meant to be a sort of swan song or just a fun studio project but with the response it’s had we’ve had to play a lot of shows,” said drummer John Von Braunsberg.

Obviously The Haunting are fully aware that by admitting to drawing inspiration from the EDM world may “kill any credibility” they have in the hardcore scene they couldn’t help but notice the success electronic acts were having with their live performances and music release schedules. For John in particular he saw the success and release strategy of The Chainsmokers as something to potentially emulate.

“The Chainsmokers were putting out a ton of singles and getting so much traction, even when the new ones weren’t as good as the previous releases they always generated so much buzz because they were new, fresh and exciting. By watching people’s reactions to that amount of content blew me away because I always thought people wanted a quality album experience but nowadays that doesn’t seem to be the case.”

Drawing on that The Haunting set out to release a news single on the first Friday of every month in 2018. As John said that plan has been “songwriting hell” but also very fun and fulfilling to which bass player Colin Scarpino added, “It’s helped keep us consistent and now whenever people come to see us live there’s something new that they haven’t seen before.

Looking ahead to the future the band is planning to return to the traditional album structure, with a record slated for the first quarter of 2019. Live show wise Madison Square Garden is the dream, and they’re not afraid to throw down the gauntlet to Billy Joel who currently holds the record for most consecutive shows at the venue after playing one show there per month for 50 straight months.

“The Haunting is coming for you Billy Joel!”

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