Isabelle Deltore

The story off Isabelle Deltore’s journey into the adult entertainment world is an incredibly interesting one which first began as a maximum security prison guard but eventually led to her becoming the only Australian to win Miss Nude World twice.

As you can easily imagine working in prisons was incredibly difficult as a woman, particularly an attractive busty blonde. Throughout her time working in prisons Deltore would regularly encounter catcalling and sexual harassment, which inevitably left her feeling fragile and burnt out.

“I was sick of being a prison officer so decided to try stripping until I could figure out my next step,” Deltore told J.A.M at Sexpo 2018. “After my first night at Spearmint Rhino though I emailed my old job at 4am to resign and never went back.”

During those early days Deltore couldn’t image the success she would go on to achieve.

“I didn’t think I would be any good or get anywhere.”

By industry standards Deltore began her dancing career late, at the age of 29. By 2015 though Deltore was crowned Miss Nude World for the first time, an accolade which she again reclaimed this year.

Now sitting at the top of the industry Deltore is able to reflect on the state of the adult industry and the stigma often attached to it.

“We were seeing real progression but we still get tarred with brushes that we’re morally corrupt or bankrupt, so we’re still not treated equally,” Deltore explained before adding, “It’s a bit of a double edge sword though, if what we do wasn’t taboo then people wouldn’t pay for it.”

Although adult entertainment is still considered “taboo” Deltore believes there are benefits that aren’t considered. 

“I absolutely love entertaining and making people feel good but I’ve also saved marriages by just sitting down and listening to someone. Giving a gentleman a point of view from their wives perspective can completely change their attitude towards their wife when they go home and that’s the most rewarding part of the job.”

Isabelle Deltore can be found on her own website or across social media at @IsabelleDeltore.

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