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Often the biggest critique levelled towards the live performance of electronic music producers is that they simply, “hide behind a desk and press buttons.” It was this exact critique that motivated local Sydney duo Cosmo’s Midnight to completely rework their live performance for their upcoming show at the Metro Theatre.

“We really wanted to make this show as live as possible so that people would know that we weren’t just pressing buttons,” explained Cosmo Liney. “We’re bringing a show that is more unique and more entertaining because I felt like there is a lack of entertaining performances by producers.”

In order to inject their show with an added level of panache Cosmo and his brother Patrick spent hours locked away in their studio completely tearing their songs apart.

“We had to pull all of the songs apart into their individual elements, remap everything on Ableton and resample all of the parts that we can’t physically perform live. You need to be very meticulous with the arrangements for the live show because if you screw one small part up big mistakes cascade from there, so it took us nearly two weeks of 9-10 hour days just to get it all set.”

Despite spending so much time on this show it’s still difficult for Cosmo to describe the show simply because they’re always so focused whilst delivering the intricate performance. 

According to Cosmo the main goals for the duo when designing this new show though were for it to be, “a very intimate show where people feel like we’re with them rather than simply performing in front of them.”

When you realise the magnitude of time the duo have had to invest in this show you begin to question why? Especially given the fact they’ve already been so successful with their previous set. Whilst speaking with Cosmo though the emotional connection and importance of performing at the Metro Theatre is very clear.

“We’re completely blown away by the reactions to this tour, it’s beyond anything I could have possibly mentally prepared for,” said Cosmo. “I’ve seen so many of my favourite artists play [Metro Theatre] so it’s going to be a big achievement for us to be able to do this show in our home city and see that we’ve progressed from the small shows to now.”

Jul 21. Metro Theatre, 624 George St, Sydney. $29.20+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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