In the music industry it isn’t just the musical style of a band which will evolve as time passes but the actual formation of the band can evolve as well, this is exactly the case with London based band Cohesion.

Cohesion was originally the brainchild of Stuart Cooney and was designed to essentially be a solo project with a rotating cast of musicians performing alongside Stuart for live performances. As time passed though Cooney found it difficult to find a consistent group of musicians and thus Cohesion evolved into more typical four piece band format.

“Cohesion evolved when I started to open the writing process up to other people, and as soon as I did that there was an entirely different mindset for a lot of people,” Cooney said. “It was remarkable to see the difference giving people a sense of ownership over the music had on their attitudes and sense of commitment to the project.”

With the latest iteration of Cohesion now being settled or almost a year they have been able to create music which they are incredibly proud of explained Cooney.

“We worked really hard on Avarice. The entire process was much more enjoyable with this core group and we’re much more happy with the results, which reflects not only in the response to record but also in our own attitudes towards playing it live.”

Avarice is a six and a half minute industrial rock epic, which is something Cooney suggests will likely become the norm for Cohesion.

“We’re all of the mindset that the typical three and half minute song is a bit outdated. The last good proper rock songs of that length and structure were on Linkin Park’s first record, and that was years ago! People are much more willing to listen to something different or  experimental and longer now.”

Fans of Cohesion will get their next taste of this longer, experimental musical direction in July with upcoming single, Ghosts.

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