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Now that Christmas has passed it’s likely that many children throughout Sydney received their first musical instrument as a gift. For some of them that gift could be the start of something truely special, as it was for singer-songwriter Sophie Allison (better known as Soccer Mommy).

Allison’s earliest memories revolve around the excitement of listening to music in the car with her father.

“For as long as I can remember I loved listening to music, whenever I got into the car I would want to listen to one of my Dad’s CDs of The Who or Bruce Springsteen,” Allison recalled, “I was also hearing music from my generation such as Hilary Duff, Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne. I’ve held onto the nostalgic love for that style of music and it definitely still influences my style.”

It wasn’t until Allison received her first guitar though that the passion and desire to pursue music came to the forefront.

“My first guitar was a toy guitar which I was given at a benefit show for my brothers preschool,” Allison explained, “I wouldn’t stop playing it though, so eventually my parents got me a real guitar and that’s when I really started playing music.”

It wasn’t long before Allison was uploading music to the internet under her Twitter handle, Soccer Mommy, and ultimately gaining notoriety within the American music scene. Since the first upload in 2015 Allison has already gone on to sign with record label, Fat Possum Records, and tour the world extensively.

Looking back on that period of rapid growth Allison said, “I don’t think I really grasped the seriousness of what was happening, and I certainly didn’t realise that a year or so later I would be dropping out of school and touring the world.”

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