In just a year singer songwriter Didirri has burst onto the scene in a very big way, thanks in large part to the unique discovery opportunity provided to Australian artists by triple j’s Unearthed program.

Before uploading his breakout track Blind You to Unearthed Didirri had no real expectations, despite committing fully to focusing on music as his nine to five vocation.

“I put the track on Unearthed at the recommendation of a friend… I hadn’t even put any songs out before that, so the response was crazy,” Didirri explained.

The fact that an avenue like Unearthed exists for new artists is something Didirri said he was very thankful for because, “it is a a very unique opportunity which doesn’t happen with any other radio stations around the world.” 

Unearthed is such a unique platform in that all of the songs uploaded to the platform are reviewed by a member of the triple j team, which creates a swath of opportunities for discovery and radio play. By curating the platform in this way the best songs are able to reach a wider audience and allow for positive responses, as seen with Didirri’s work.

To have such a positive response was very fortunate timing as Didirri had previously committed to focusing solely on music, with no plan B.

“I think if you have a plan B you probably don’t believe in plan A. So I told myself I wanted to do music nine to five and I thought that would just be me booking a lot of cafe shows but then things took off and now I’m touring the world.”

During the year since uploading Blind You to Unearthed Didirri has sold out two Australian tours, played around the world at festivals such as BIGSOUND and SXSW, and performed alongside artists such as Vance Joy.

With such a packed schedule he hasn’t really had a chance to step back and soak it all in.

“There have been small moments of reflection along the way but I’m looking forward to being able to look back on this year properly with family and friends over Christmas,” he said.

The opportunity to perform on the same lineup as Vance Joy in Melbourne was one moment which did stand out in Didirri’s memory though.

“Playing at Rod Laver with Vance Joy was huge because I used to busk out the front of Rod Laver so it still hasn’t quite settled in that I played on the stage there.”

As Didirri prepared for his Sydney show tomorrow night he told J.A.M that fans can expect a show which is more than a simple recreation of his EP, Measurements.

“I like keeping the recordings and live show two seperate beasts,” he explained, “The record is an intimate detailed experience whereas the live show is a bit more raw and expressive.”

Nov 15. Oxford Art Factory, 38-46 Oxford St, Darlinghurst. $28.99+b.f. Tickets & Info: www.oxfordartfactory.com

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