Colin Moriatry

On a surface level Colin Moriarty is somewhat of a divisive character in the world of nerd culture and podcasting, but deep down he is a kind hearted individual who simply wants to work incredibly hard to satisfy his community of listeners.

Originally hailing from Long Island, New York Colin was always an avid video game player, to the point of voluntarily writing game strategy guides as a teen. Whilst developing his passion for video game writing Colin simultaneously had a passion for history which would lead him to North Eastern University to undertake an American History degree. During the course of his studies though Colin would be offered two seperate internships at IGN, the world’s leading video game website, and would subsequently become a full time employee there.

After rising through the ranks of IGN Colin had considerable freedom in regards to the stories he could pursue but would ultimately choose to leave IGN in 2015. This decision was made alongside his friends and colleagues; Greg Miller, Tim Gettys and Nick Scarpino so that they could go on to found the wildly successful YouTube company Kinda Funny.

Just over two years into the journey at Kinda Funny though the group would have a falling out, following a controversial tweet posted by Colin on International Women’s Day. The situation developed rapidly and subsequently led to Colin leaving the company within just a matter of days.

Not one to rest on his laurels though Colin immediately set into motion a plan to launch his own YouTube channel and podcast network, Colin’s Last Stand (CLS).

“I didn’t have time to be concerned or worry about the situation,” recalled Colin, “I knew that if I wanted to move forward and ameliorate the situation then I needed to not get caught in that space and just get moving.”

This planning stage moved incredibly swiftly with CLS launching just seven days later.

Despite the rapid launch the response by supporters on the Patreon campaign was overwhelming.

“It was surprising, heartening and nerve wracking,” said Colin. “The response was insane and well in excess of what I wanted or even my abilities to give meaningful content to my audience that was commensurate to that amount of patronage. It got to the point where I even investigated how to stop accepting new patrons.”

Such a meteoric launch was obviously great but also carried with it some unexpected negatives. These came in the form of a steadily declining Patreon base, rather than the steady growth typically seen on the Patreon platform. In order to counter this Colin set out to provide incredible “bang for your buck” to his supporters.

Since launching CLS the show offerings have continued to grow and evolve. Initially CLS was a strictly YouTube history and politics show but has since added an eclectic interview podcast (Fireside Chats), a retro podcast co-hosted by Colin’s brother Dagan (Knockback), a gaming-centric YouTube show (Side Quests) and most recently a Playstation focused podcast co-hosted by Chris Ray Gun (Sacred Symbols).

“I really think that giving people a great, solid place with lots of content and value is the best approach. I really think my Patreon gives you more value than any other Patreon that I’ve seen because at the $1 level you get an exclusive podcast, the $2 level is the only way to interact with the shows, and the $5 level is kind of the sweet spot because you get all of the shows early and ad free.”

Creating so much content, all of which Colin personally edits, requires an exceptional time investment which typically sees Colin working 70 hours per week. This has unfortunately had dire consequences on his mental health and personal relationships.


“My relationships have suffered pretty universally. I also just saw a psychiatrist for the first time because of my anxiety, so I’m trying to get better but everything has suffered, there is no doubt about that.”

Despite the abundant challenges Colin has a vision for the future to continue growing and expanding CLS, even if that requires rebranding.

“My idea is to have a network which has myself and other talent recording shows all contained under the one Patreon umbrella,” explained Colin.

If this idea were to come to fruition Colin would like to see the network become a one-stop shop for all of your podcast needs, whether that be gaming, pop-culture, politics, sports, history or science. Colin however wouldn’t be at the forefront of all of these shows.

CLS was supposed to be all about me but now that I have Dagan and Chris Ray Gun in the fold that’s changing so ultimately if CLS grows in the way I want it to it will need to be rebranded, which is fine with me.”

Find Colin on Twitter at @notaxation or Patreon.

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